Free Australian Permanent Residency Visa's and 457 Work Visas to be WON !

Pendragon Management has teamed up with MY Migration Australia APP to offer Free Visa prizes for the best 30 photos of Pokemon in the real world from around the Globe in interesting poses… that they receive from you.

To Enter

Simply download the MY Migration Australia APP complete the details to see if you qualify for a visa.. then forward your details to MY Migration Australia via the APP and ask to be registered for the ‘Pokemon Best Real World Picture Prize’… then when you have what you consider to be the best picture forward it to My Migration Australia via the return email address you will receive once you have registered its that easy.

Competition runs until the 31 January 2017 and all winners and entrants will be notified by the 25th Feb… Gota catch’em all!


Must register through MY Migration Australia APP to get the free visa must provide the photo of a Pokemon in the real world… via the return email address you will receive.

Be chosen as one of the winners. Have emailed your photo by the 30th August. Be eligible for the visa or nominate someone in your family or a friend who’s eligible to receive it on your behalf.