My Migration Australia - The App

What's in the app?

The My Migration app provides a range of features to help prepare you to make the move to Australia.

  • Are you ready to move?

    A quiz to help determine whether you are ready or not to move to Australia.

  • Quick step qualifier

    Find out if you qualify for an Australian work visa is a matter of seconds. The Quick Step Qualifier assesses your skills and experience on the spot to find out if you qualify for an Australian work visa. If you do not qualify for a visa, the Quick Step Qualifier lets you know what is required to get the work visa you need.

  • Your checklist

    Use your checklist to help organise what you need to do before you arrive, when you have arrived and what documents you may require once you have arrived in Australia.

  • FAQ's

    Frequently asked questions you may need the answers too.

  • Oz facts

    Fun and interesting facts about Australia.

  • Contact us

    Get in touch with a qualified Australian migration agents who can assist you with obtaining a visa to move to Australia.